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FloridaEducator offers full-featured Websites for K-12 teachers. These easy-to-build, easy-to-maintain sites require no programming skills. Teachers simply fill out Web forms and "point and click" to create professional-quality Websites for their classrooms.

FloridaEducator Websites include
  • Multiple Classes
  • FloridaEducator can be configured for a single class for elementary school teachers or multiple classes for middle and high school teachers. Selected calendar events and downloadable documents can be associated with each class page.

  • Calendar of Events
  • FloridaEducator's feature-rich calendar allows teachers to construct year-long schedules of events with as little or as much detail describing each event as desired. Website visitors can easily move through the calendar in weekly, monthly, or "all event" views.

  • Image Gallery
  • FloridaEducator sets aside a full megabyte of storage space for uploaded photographs. Teachers can scan images or take pictures with digital cameras and then easily upload them to their image gallery. Our breakthrough upload system automatically resizes and sharpens photographs, allowing teachers to store between 20 and 50 photographs.

  • Download Documents
  • With FloridaEducator, teachers can upload syllabi, handouts, special announcements, newsletters, permission forms, and other documents for student and parent use. This tool provides students with convenient access to important information and assignments.

  • Remote Web Links
  • FloridaEducator permits teachers to link to an unlimited number of remote Websites. These "online libraries" of links expand the reach of classroom instruction and guide students in research projects.

  • Contact Forms
  • FloridaEducator provides simple email forms that allow parents and students to communicate with instructors. These contact forms are "spam proof," protecting teachers against unwanted, unsolicited emails.
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